Take a look inside Round House as we transform it into a warm and welcoming space that is more accommodating and comfortable for our artists and patrons! To learn more about our renovation plans and to see renderings of the new Round House, click here.

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January 2019 - The existing seats in theatre were removed to allow new concrete to form the new curved seating arrangement.

January 2019 - What used to be the conference room and administrative offices will become the spacious Event Room, requiring demolition of all interior walls.

January 2019 - The view from the stage is very different now! The control booth walls up in the balcony have been torn down, as well as the walls in the back of the house.

January 2019 - The front lobby is getting a full makeover, meaning the existing coat room and Box Office walls were taken down to make room for the new lobby features.

February 2019 - Where the concessions bar used to be has been completely removed, as well as most of the interior walls that separated the Patrons Lounge, restrooms, and storage closets.

February 2019 - The steel beam you see here serves as the foundation for the new wrapped balcony that will bring the audience closer to the stage.

February 2019 - Similar to other places in the theatre, steel beams were installed above the Box Office to provide support for the new walkway and Artistic Wing.

March 2019 - The previously unused space above the Box Office will become the new Artistic Wing. The Box Office windows have been removed for the redesigned concierge-style desk.

March 2019 - The steel support for the new lobby staircase has been installed in preparation for concrete to be poured.

March 2019 - From the view at the top of the lobby staircase, you can see the curved balcony over the new café bar.

March 2019 - Now that we’ve taken down some walls, you can see directly into the lobby from the new Conference Room above the Box Office.

April 2019 - The wall above the theatre entrance has been removed to form the balcony foyer, where patrons will be able to enter the balcony from the lobby.

April 2019 - Workers prepare for concrete to be poured in the theatre, forming the new curved seating in the orchestra.

April 2019 - The new lobby staircase has been installed with steel beams and concrete.

May 2019 - Our new HVAC system en route to the roof for installation!

May 2019 - Concrete has been poured to form the new curved seating shape in the orchestra.

May 2019 - Up in the catwalk, new cross-walkways provide more spaces for lights to be hung, given lighting designers greater flexibility.

May 2019 - In the lobby, the curved feature has been added to the ceiling to echo the balcony shape, where the railing will soon be installed.